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Convenience store support Programs

Every fueling site needs support of some kind whether its general maintenance, compliance or a more involved approach for larger operations.

Westmor has designed a program that is fully customizable based on what your convenience store needs. We have a full team available to generate reminders for testing, take your calls 24/7 to troubleshoot any issues, assist with maintenance and reporting needs and Westmor product warranties. Opt in to the level best-suited for your business.

See if it’s a good fit, contact us today and request a risk-free trial.

Text for service anytime during the business hours of 
8:00 AM – 4:30 PM CST

Worry-FREE Maintenance

FREE Reminder Service for Westmor Customers
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Bluephone Support

24/7 access to Westmor’s Service Techs, starting at $750/year.
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Compliance Testing and Inspections expertise and service.
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Monthly Fuel Site Inspections

Monthly Fuel Site Inspection service starting at $149.95/mo.
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Worry-Free Maintenance

Reminder Service for Westmor Customers

FREE to Westmor Customers

This service is exactly what it is named– worry less about site maintenance or state-mandated compliance.

Get reminders when you’re due for inspections, testing or warranty deadlines and inspections on your equipment. You’ll start receiving reminders about 6 weeks out from the due dates to allow you time to schedule time with our technicians, as needed.

The best part is Worry-Free Maintenance support is FREE to all Westmor customers.

calibration WorryFreeMaintenance by Westmor

Check out our current video library of Convenience store-related tech tips. 


Know when your equipment will be going out of warranty so you can make sure it’s running properly and major componentry is working before it is out of warranty.

Be notified when Function Testing, also known as leak detection, is due at your site.

FREQUENCY: This test is done annually to meet state requirements for pressurized systems.

Depending on the amount of fuel that flows through your dispensers, filters should be replaced at a specific cadence to ensure that your fuel is as clean as possible for customers filling up at your location.

FREQUENCY: At a minimum, filters need to be replaced annually. Give us a call to learn the best timing for your specific site or we can set your reminder to a default of annually.

Receive cathodic protection reminders so you are sure to check that your “sacrificial metal” is still preventing the corrosion of the metal surfaces you’re protecting. You will then be able to make adjustments if it is not.

FREQUENCY: This test is done every 3 years and within 6 months of a repair.

Every fueling point at your site needs to be calibrated to ensure fuel is being dispensed accurately.  Calibration will ensure that your customers are receiving the correct amount of product and that you are getting paid for the product you’re dispensing.

FREQUENCY: This reminder is set so you schedule calibration service to be done annually.

For any of the reminders in which you need service, you’re backed by a team of experts that will be scheduled to come to your location and perform the work needed.


When you choose Westmor Industries for construction management, as a courtesy, we enroll your c-store in the Worry-FREE Maintenance Program.

This will generate reminders for testing, maintenance, reporting and Westmor product warranties. All at no cost to you.


You’ll have complete visibility and access to all of your c-store locations with the convenient option to connect to your point-of-sale remotely. With this feature, take matters into your own hands, troubleshoot complications and make updates at your site no matter where you’re at. You can even update fuel pricing on your electronic station signage.

Enrollment is FREE, but still required.

Support for your C-Store

Building a new convenience store or upgrading your station with a remodel?
Bluephone Support Plus+ is now included!

C-Stores | Westmor C-Store Services

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Keep your store running and fuel flowing with C-Store Support from Westmor.

If you’re not currently using our Worry-Free Maintenance service, enroll today. (It's FREE.) We’ll set up a custom package for you based on the demands of your operation.

If you're wanting to upgrade to Bluephone Support or Bluephone Support Plus, or request a compliance visit, use this same form to reach us and make it happen.

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Watch first-hand what makes Westmor’s Bluephone Support and their in-field service techs some of the friendliest and best-qualified you can find.

Josh Halvensleben, Landmark Cooperative

Bluephone Support

24/7 access to Westmor’s Service Techs

$750/year  + $650/add’l site up to 10 sites

Please note: Service calls outside of the Bluephone Support Program are charged $150 per call during business hours and $225 per call after 4:30 PM.

For Pinnacle Palm POS™ Customers:
$1500/year per site + $100/add’l register

Please note: Pinnacle Palm POS Service calls outside of the Bluephone Support Program are charged $200 per call during business hours and $300 per call after 4:30 PM.

Check out our current video library of C-store-related tech tips. 


This support level adds our reminder service and our 24/7 support to the Worry-FREE Maintenance features.

Throughout the year, day or night, weekend, weekday, or holiday, you have access to a team of people whose primary goal is to keep your location up and running.

During busy times when you’re not able to manage a phone call, you can text our techs and send images so we can help you navigate through your station challenges. We can remote-in to your site and resolve your challenges over the phone.

Some of the most common calls we receive are, but not limited to:

  • Cardrols
  • Tank Monitors
  • Pumps and
  • Dispensers
  • Consoles and POS Systems
  • Line Monitors
  • Submersible Pumps

80% of our calls are resolved in 15 minutes or less saving you time and money by saving trip charges and service tech fees!


You’ll have complete visibility and access to all of your c-store locations with the convenient option to connect to your point-of-sale remotely. With this feature, take matters into your own hands, troubleshoot complications and make updates at your site no matter where you’re at. You can even update fuel pricing on your electronic station signage.


Convenience store and Fuel-Storage Locations

Compliance testing and inspections performed on a regular basis for c-store and fuel-storage locations.

Cathodic Protection Installation by Westmor Industries

Testing and Inspections

Regulations from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and state legislatures are constantly changing. Westmor Industries prides itself in staying up-to-date on upcoming fuel-related regulations and compliance deadlines, so you don’t have to.

We are equipped with a compliance department designated to assure you are meeting existing standards– and keeping your c-store up and running.

Westmor’s compliance department will:

  • Perform function testing on sumps, spill-buckets and under-dispenser containment systems to assure they are not leaking
  • Perform function testing on your automatic tank gauge probes
  • Perform cathodic protection testing to assure underground steel tanks and piping are not corroding and causing leaks
  • Perform these tests annually or every three years, depending on what your state requirements are, which can vary from state-to-state

Monthly Fueling Site Inspections

Monthly fuel site inspection service for c-stores


We’re taking the headache out of making required monthly fuel site inspections. Instead of training an employee and getting them certified, let your employees concentrate on customer service and store operations. Now you can hire Westmor to do your inspections.

We’ll stay certified so you don’t have to. For a set monthly fee, we’ll arrive at your location and make the necessary fuel site inspections. 

In addition to the site inspection, Westmor will complete other maintenance tasks such as dispenser cleaning, oil spill clean-up and painting spill bucket covers, as needed. 

Sign up below to get enrolled.

Sign up HERE if you’re interested in this service OR have questions regarding inspections in your state due to current regulations. We will reach out to you for the next step for your pending enrollment.

Westmor Tech Tips

See our video library of C-store-related tech tips. 

Convenience Store Services

When it comes time for convenience store-related service, installation or repairs, we are well-equipped to support you.
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Reduce downtime when a part fails – Westmor can help with our large stock of in-house parts. We carry most major brands to help get you back up and running quickly. 

Westmor’s field service team can keep your convenience store running smoothly and efficiently. We provide help on-site ranging from emergency repairs to petroleum equipment installations.