Ergoload Deck Design

In response to customer concerns of operator ergonomics and fatigue, Westmor developed our patented Ergoload® Deck design. This innovative option places both the spray-fill and vapor-return lines at waist height (about 20 inches lower than a conventional bobtail.) 

This provides drivers with a safer, more ergonomic and comfortable way to load their bobtails, which results in improved efficiency and productivity. 

Ergoload Deck on a Blueline Bobtail

Get a tour of our innovative Ergoload Deck just to see how much difference it makes.

Traditional Fill Lines on a Bobtail

Traditional Fill Lines

Traditional bobtail fill lines require awkward lifting of heavy hoses that can cause strain on operators.

Ergoload fill lines on Blueline Bobtail | Westmor Industries

ERgoload Deck Fill Line

The Ergoload Deck Sprayfill Design lowers the spray-fill and vapor-return lines to just above the bumper, reducing strain and stress on the driver. 

Deck Options

ergoload deck option- std open deck design by Westmor

Open Ergoload Deck

This is our traditional, existing deck design.

  • Standard, stainless steel deck
  • Preferred by most drivers
  • Quick and easy access to delivery equipment
ergoload deck option- enclosed deck design - lime green- by Westmor

Enclosed Ergoload Deck


  • Designed for challenging weather and road conditions
  • Low maintenance, corrosion-resistant stainless steel enclosure
  • Helps protect your investment from weather and elements
ergoload deck option- open deck with dual hose reels design by Westmor

Open Ergoload Deck

With Dual Hose Reels

  • Meter mounted in center above the sprayfill and vapor return lines
  • Diverter valve installed after the meter to direct product to the curbside hose reel or to the roadside hose reel
  • Improve productivity on large deliveries and routes with commercial/agricultural accounts
  • Increased driver efficiency resulting in less man hours required
  • Helps protect your investment from weather and elements

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