Propane or Anhydrous Ammonia (NH3)

Bulk Storage

Westmor handles bulk storage solutions designed for storing Anhydrous Ammonia (NH3) or Propane. You’ll find quick lead times and custom sizes because we manufacture our tanks and skids in-house.

Each tank is engineered in compliance with the latest state and federal regulations. Our certified welders ensure your tank is manufactured to code with strength and quality at the forefront.

Bulk Tank Anhydrous Ammonia Storage by Westmor Industries
18k skid tanks 2020 by Westmor

18K & 30K Skids

  • Easy to relocate as needed. No piping or piers in the ground
  • Fully customizable to location. Minimal set-up and installation required
  • Internal valve with manual emergency shutdown
  • Back Check (with optional Site Glass)
NH3 Bulk Storage Tanks by Westmor Industries

BULK Storage Tanks

  • Tank sizes available ranging from 1,500 gallons to 88,750 gallons (including standard 18K, 30K, 45K and 90K)
  • Welded piping wherever possible to mitigate potential leaks
  • Customizable to the exact size you need
NH3 Pressure Vessel on Concrete Piers by Westmor Industries

Pressure Vessels

  • Tanks that are X-rayed to ensure welds are strong and reliable, avoiding premature failures
  • Welded piping wherever possible to mitigate potential leaks
  • Inventory of refurbished pressure vessels may be available

Bulk Plant Design

Safety and efficiency are important when designing and configuring your Anyhydrous Ammonia (NH3) or Propane Bulk Plant. Westmor’s in-house design engineers will ensure you have the proper flow rates while retaining a safe working environment for your crews. 

  • Pressure vessels are x-rayed to ensure welds are strong and reliable, avoiding premature failures
  • Tanks are engineered and manufactured in compliance with the latest state and federal regulations
  • Manufacturing facilities allow for quick lead times
Propane Bulk Plant Designed by Westmor Industries

We believe that Westmor’s quality in equipment is far, far above anything else. All in all, at every aspect of our business, Westmor is there to support whatever we have going.

Jerry Hentges, Jerry’s U-Save

Why Westmor?

Forward Thinking

  • Innovation and forward thinking
  • Over 25+ years of experience in bulk storage solutions
  • Competitive lead times because we stock our building materials
  • Use welded piping wherever possible to mitigate potential leaks
  • In-house design and construction engineers to customize for you

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Storage Installation & Services

When it comes time for installation, maintenance, or repairs, we are well-equipped to serve you. Click on any service to get more information.

Need expert help? We have two-member installation crews ready to work on your projects to ensure minimum downtime, and our in-house engineering team ensures the safest strongest standards are met.

When a part fails, we know you’re doing everything you can to lessen your operation’s downtime. We maintain an on-site parts warehouse to give you quick access to the replacement parts you need.

Why scrap your old system when it’s still good? We have experience in environmental, changeover, hydrostatic, and black-light testing. We also hold certifications in tank testing, refurbishing and relocation.