Portable Fuel Storage

Bulk storage with the benefit of portability. Porta-paks are trailers that allow you to have bulk storage of propane and other fuels, such as Anhydrous Ammonia, with the convenience of being able to transport that storage to the location you’re using it, without permitting

This simple piece of equipment has minimal piping and can be stand-alone with motor options from gas to diesel to electric.

18K Porta-pak by Westmor Industries
Porta-pak with 18K Tank
30K Porta-pak by Westmor Industries
Porta-pak with 30K Tank
30K Porta-pak by Westmor Industries

Porta-pak Tank Features & OPtions

  • Under-ride protection
  • Removable undercarriage
  • Fixed sub-frame with adjustable king pin plate
  • Remote shut-off
  • DOT-approved LED lights
  • Rear double aluminum fenders
  • Standard DOT bumper
Under-tank framework & piping on Porta-pak by Westmor Industries

Porta-pak Advantages

Porta-paks allow you to transport your bulk fuel storage to the location you need it, saving time and money with no trips back and forth to the home plant.

18K Porta-pak by Westmor Industries

Standard Porta-pak Sizes

Porta-paks can be custom-build to fit your needs and operation. Standard sizes include:

  • 18K gallons
  • 30K gallons

Why Westmor?

Forward Thinking

  • In-house tank manufacturing allows for custom designs and quick lead times.
  • Expertise. Projects built compliant with state and local regulations, and meet NFPA Handbook 58.
  • Welded front frame. Heavy-duty landing gear.
  • Superior quality. Tanks  built to the ASME code and fully X-rayed.
  • Aftermarket service, repair and refurb services.

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