DTL Refueler - Refined Fuel

Direct-to-locomotive model

Westmor’s direct-to-locomotive refueler features pumping systems up to 300 gallons per minute and can simplify your locomotive refueling processes.

  • Standard tank capacities up to 7,200 gallons with single or multiple compartments
  • Bottom loading available
  • Choose from our available chassis or supply your own
  • Customization is available
DTL (Direct-to-Locomotive) Refined Fuel Truck by Westmor

Innovative Delivery Options

DTL Refueler

DTL Refueler - rear delivery option by Westmor

Rear Delivery

DTL Refueler - track side delivery option by Westmor

Track-Side Delivery


DTL Refueler

  • Safety features such as brake interlocks
  • Full-length expanded metal safety walk area
  • Extended vapor-tight overturn rail
  • Patented continuous curvature heads and baffles
  • Removable canopy cover for easier equipment servicing
  • Roll-up rear door for maximum safety in railroad yards
  • Recessed pan for collection and drain
  • Water tight side doors
  • Extruded angle sills and neoprene
  • Unique head shape results in a 1″ space between double bulkhead compartments
  • Offset baffle opening to reduce product sloshing
  • Shaped bottoms for positive drainage
  • Precise press brake forming for exact fit-up of tank components


  • All tanks built to DOT 406 specifications
  • ASME “U” Stamp Facilities
  • Transport Canada TC 406 Certified

Common Options

See the common options on the DTL Direct-to-Locomotive Refined Fuel Truck by Westmor Industries.

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