80K Transporter

Truck & PUll

Deliver refined fuel in tight spaces while maintaining efficiency with our 80K Transporter. The lightweight design of this DOT 406 ensures you’ll get maximum payload and make the most of every trip. 

Drivers will appreciate the faster unloading with increased gallons per minute as well as the ergonomic designs for comfort and safety and the attention to aesthetics. We can customize to suit your specific operational needs. 

  • 80,000 Gross Vehicle Weight
  • 4,500 gallon truck tank
  • 5,400 gallon pull trailer
80K Transporter by Westmor
80K Transporter by Westmor


80K Transporter Features a Sloped Truck Tank with Trough | Westmor

Truck Tank

  • Sloped truck tank with trough
  • Ergonomic safety cable connection
  • Large fender brackets to prevent fender cracks and extend the life of your equipment
  • Chassis supplied by you or purchased from Westmor
80K Transporter Piping Design | Westmor

Pull Trailer

  • Piping designed for optimum flow for increased efficiency
  • Double-taper tank profile
  • Double-ball race turntable for greater dependability
  • ABS brakes & roll stability for driver and vehicle safety
80K Transporter - Simple Control Panel | Westmor

Truck and Trailer

  • Simple and reliable controls
  • Lightweight design from bumper to bumper
  • Super single aluminum wheels
  • Ladders designed for maximum safety
  • Bright finish shell material for the look your brand wants

Westmor has always done a good job of customizing everything we build. We work with engineering, we work with you, we go back and forth as needed, we make sure that the product is designed to suit you, the customer.

Jason Soulon, Regional Sales Manager, Westmor Industries

Standard Features

Gallery of 80K Transport standard features.

Why Westmor?

Forward Thinking

  • Engineers on staff to help customize your design
  • Lightweight designs to maximize payload
  • Ergonomics as an important part of the design process (rather than an afterthought)
  • Aesthetics with appeal –we want you to look good and love your equipment
  • A company with a constant eye on efficiency 
  • Reliable service options

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