Transtech™ Fuel Truck

Flex Fill System

Flex your delivery muscle and surpass your competition using Westmor’s Flex Fill System for our line of Transtech Fuel Trucks. Customize your flow rates based on your mix of customers and the types of deliveries needed during your routes.

Westmor offers several pre-configured options to make it easy for you to increase productivity by increasing your flow rates.

  • Increase productivity with higher flow rates
  • Add versatility and efficiency with multiple hose reels
  • Improve route efficiency
Flex Fill on Refined Fuel truck by Westmor

4,600 Transtech™ FCT Fuel Truck with Flex Fill – XL

Flex Fill Options

Flex Fill RF-S fleet fueling by Westmor

Flex Fill -  S

  • Fleet Fueling
  • 1″ delivery hose and nozzle
  • 25′ – 150′ hose lengths
  • Manual or automatic nozzle
  • 2½” pump
  • M7 meter
  • 20-35 GPM
Flex Fill RF-M standard bulk delivery by Westmor

Flex Fill -  M

  • Standard Bulk Delivery
  • 1¼” – 1½” delivery hose
  • 50′ – 175′ hose lengths
  • Manual or automatic nozzle
  • 2½” pump
  • M7 meter
  • 60-80 GPM
Flex Fill RF-L large bulk deliveries by Westmor

Flex Fill -  L

  • Large Bulk Deliveries
  • 2″ delivery hose and nozzle
  • Hose reel
  • 2½” pump
  • M10 meter
  • 80-110 GPM
Flex Fill RF-XL commercial deliveries by Westmor

Flex Fill -  XL

  • Commercial Deliveries
  • 2″ delivery hose and nozzle
  • Drop hose
  • 2½” pump
  • M10 or M15 meter
  • 110-150 GPM

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